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Welcome to Curd Brothers


Curd Brothers was established in 1960 by Bob and Alan Curd in Linden Close, Tunbridge Wells. Their first employee was Bob Law who joined in approximately 1962.

The Curd Brothers built up their business by offering high quality repairs and spares to the auto-electrical trade.

A solid business base was quickly established and in 1965 Bob Smith joined them. The business and their reputation continued to grow and Curd Brothers soon became the only place to go if you had any kind of auto-electrical problem.

David Smith joined the company in 1971 and Tim Smith followed in 1978. By now business was booming.

When Bob and Alan Curd retired in 1987 the Smith brothers bought the company and moved to the company’s current premises on Colebrook Industrial Estate. Bob Law retired in 1988.

Curd Brothers has always been a family business and today David and Tim’s nephew, Paul, works at Curds as does David’s daughter Tracey.

In January 2007 Bob Smith retired from the company and moved to Blackpool with his family.

Curd Brothers would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your custom and loyalty over the years and look forward to many more years serving you – our customers.

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